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Finishing Mechanical and Future of the Project

Throughout the last two weeks of school, I spent time during my frees and after school to get the entire shelf bot assembled before the end of school, which I accomplished successfully. Finishing the bot required me to lathe more bearing standoffs, to cut more X and Y axis standoffs, find the necessary screws and fasteners, assembly the gearbox for the motors, cut the belts and ultimately assembling the entire bot. Currently, the bot can be moved by hand or by connecting the motors to a power supply and driving it through that. As of the end of school, the program for the entire bot is far from complete. The future of this project would most likely involve this being part of the FRC Programming team's offseason projects, which entitles the bot to be functioning before FRC season next year. The bot will be able to grab a book from one "sector" and place it into another "sector" on an empty shelf. This would allow members of the robotics team to get programming p…

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